2020-2021 ChromeSquad

All students in FISD grades 3-12 receive a Chromebook for school use. Our 1:1 program is designed to ensure that student learning is never inhibited by lack of connectivity. With hundreds of devices on the secondary campus, a group of elite student interns, called the Chromesquad, was developed to handle maintenance of the program. Roles include inventory, repair, and tech tips.

“The future isn’t just a place you’ll go. It’s a place you will invent.” – Nancy Duarte


   On the shortness of life

ChromeSquad Members

Ben Bailey Ben's Website

Hunter Cevallos Hunter's Website

Landon Friessen Landon's Website

Orion Lin

Cebastian Martin Cebastian's Website

Angel McCafferty Angel's Website

Elliot Orn

Jeremiah Rivera

Rydeck Tannis

Andre Wright Andre's Website