McVicars retirement party held Thursday

As the year draws to an end, Shaun McVicars prepares to enter a new chapter in the new year.

Shaun McVicars has been the Technology Director at Forsan ISD for 13 years, and is retiring as the semester comes to a close. He has helped the students and staff of Forsan overcome many changes regarding technology over the years. Technology has changed a lot since McVicars began in August 2011, but he has accepted these changes in stride.

McVicars is responsible for many of the photos from school games and events. As the years have progressed, Forsan’s media classes have begun to take over the photography aspect of things, however, McVicars fondly remembers his photography for Forsan. 

“I’ve been on the sideline, not as much lately because Yearbook, Journalism, and Audio Video cover most events, but I used to be the only one taking pictures for a long time. It is like a side hobby for me. That has been fun for me to do,” he said.

Being on the sidelines provided a chance for McVicars to fully experience the kind of energy that the people of Forsan pride themselves on.

“I am going to miss the spirit of the school, you know at the football games when everybody is out there and everybody is excited. There’s so many people in the stands and the band and the cheerleaders, it’s that whole spirit that I’m going to miss because I’m not going to have that again,” he said.

One of the many things that he did in his time at Forsan that heavily impacted both the school and his memories of the school, was his work with the UIL Speech and Debate teams. 

“My Speech and Debate team, that was fun for me, rewarding. When you see kids after working with them for two or three years, what they couldn’t achieve at the beginning, they don't think they can do it at all, they end up going to state. It is very rewarding,” McVicars said.

When he began his career at Forsan ISD, he was told that Forsan was a good school to work at by others in the area, little did he know what good he would be for the school and what good it would be for him.

“I am very thankful for Forsan giving me the opportunity to build relationships and be a part of students' lives as a teacher also,” he said.