wall painting

Forsan High School has decided to freshen up the hallways with a brand new mural of our school's past and present mascot logos.

The desire to do something impactful and highlight Forsan history has been on the minds of several at Forsan High School. High School Teacher Haley Lefever and other members of staff and administration found the perfect location: the main entrance of the high school.  

“The original plan was to just have the buffaloes, but if we wanted it to be impactful, we needed to tie them together somehow, so I decided to add the stripes,” Mrs. Lefever said.

The mural is a progression from the previous buffalo logos to the current one. The three logos are displayed, spaced evenly apart, on stripes of black, white and gray as you enter the main doorway of the high school, across from the office.

The students working on it are from her 1st and 6th period art classes. They are each grouped up and have been given different jobs to complete. There is a group that puts down the drop cloths to catch any paint that drips, another one sets up the projector and sketches out the buffaloes. One group has been designated to clean all the brushes and pick everything up. Everybody helps with painting.

“I know some people don't love the idea of the old mural being painted over, but education is all about progressing, and we wanted to do something that our students could take ownership of and something our students are excited to see,” Mrs. Lefever said.