State CX Debate

The UIL Academic season has officially kicked off. 

Forsan High School sent two teams - Loyd Kraus/Chance Leonardi and Caylee Myers/Emily Rice - to the CX Debate competition for the second year in a row. The competition took place at the University of Austin on March 11 and 12. 

“These kiddos have worked so hard this school year to get to this point. They have been working on cases constantly; they have travelled all over West Texas competing in competitions to hone their speaking skills and see how their cases hold up,” Kit Kraus, Debate Advisor, said.

The Loyd Kraus/Chance Leonardi team had a first day record of 3 to 1 and advanced to the octofinals the second day.  This made them eligible for TILF scholarships.  A split 2 to 1 decision brought them their elimination. The Caylee Myers/Emily Rice team had a 2 to 2 record on the first day and just missed out on advancing to octofinals.  

The first day of competition, gavel awards were presented to the top six speakers of the day.  Each round points are awarded to speakers and the highest (points) win the awards.  Forsan’s Chance Leonardi won the Bronze Gavel award and Caylee Myers won the Silver Gavel award. 

The team of Loyd Kraus/Chance Leonardi were given awards for being in the top 16 teams of the State.  

“We (Forsan) has never had a gavel winner and this year we had two bring home the high honor,” Kraus said.

Two of the four competitors - Caylee Myers and Emily Rice - are seniors. The girls have plans to help Kraus and upcoming debaters work on keeping the tradition alive at Forsan. According to Kraus, Caylee Myers was one of three students at the state competition out of 1A, 2A and 3A schools who have been to State their entire high school years. In addition to Caylee Myers being a repeat at State, Emily Rice, Loyd Kraus and Chance Leonardi experienced the second year competing at that level. 

“I don't even have enough words to thank them for all they have done for Forsan Debate.  They have promised to help out with new speakers to keep the tradition going to get Forsan Debate to that elite status,” Kraus said. “State is a difficult level to get to. The boys advanced to octofinals last year, and have set a new goal to go even farther next year.”

Kraus continued, “I am honored to  have been their coach.  Their level of commitment and devotion to debate is incredible to behold.”