Forsan Junior High recently had nine students qualify to compete at the State TMSCA (Texas Math and Science Coaches Association) competition in San Antonio, to be held on April 13. 

Ozzy McWilliams- Mathematics

Madilynn Reaves- Science

Feliz Flores- Science

Camden Hefner -Science

Matthew Pickett- Calculator & Science

Tahmid Rayid - Number Sense, calculator, mathematics, & science

Emma Columbus- science

Haylea Elliot- Number Sense, calculator, mathematics, & science

Zadrian Ginkinger- Science

Results from the Regional Qualifying competition included the following: In 7th Grade Number Sense - Tahmid Rayid placed 4th; in 7th Grade Calculator, Tahmid Rayid placed 5th and Matthew Pickett placed 9th; 7th Grade Mathematics had Tahmid Rayid placing 1st; and 7th Grade Science resulted in Tahmid Rayid placing 1st and Matthew Pickett placing 6th Place. 

Results for 6th Grade competitions are as follows: Number Sense: Haylea Elliott placed 10th; Mathematics had Haylea Elliott placing 7th; Science results had Haylea Elliott placing 1st, Zadrian Ginkinger placing 2nd and Emma Columbus placing 7th. 

“We are very proud of all the students who competed this year and are excited to compete in San Antonio,” Chelsea Wells, TMSCA Coach said.