Talent Show

There was singing, dancing, rapping and a little bit of hand clapping.

Forsan Junior High and High School students took to the stage for the 2024 Talent Show. There were 15 students who stepped out and showed off their talent for family, friends and peers.

"All of the students did a wonderful job. There were standing ovations for every act," Amanda Duforat, Forsan Yearbook Advisor, said. "Our students have a lot of talent and this talent show was a great way to highlight those talents."

Students showed off their musical abilities, guitar skills, magic tricks, and even a choreographed hand clapping show. One group showed off their rapping skills and a couple of junior high students demonstrated their skit writing ability and acting skills.

"The atmosphere was something special. Students were cheering each other on and providing non-stop encouragement. Each act seemed to be better than the last; every act was a tough act to follow," she said.

Students were able to enjoy snacks while watching the show and supported the Forsan Yearbook and Journalism students. In the end, three top performers were recognized: 1st Place went to Elijah Hess for his yoyo skills; 2nd place went to Finn Rigdon for his singing and guitar playing and 3rd Place was Jack Nichols with his rendition of 'Revival by Zach Bryan'.

The top three contestants received Midland Rockhound tickets provided by KBYG.

"We want to give a special thank you to all the parents and community members who donated drinks and snacks to our fundraiser. This event was a success not because of the money made or the crowd, but because of the fact that we were able to highlight so many of our students. Great things happen when a community comes together and this talent show was a perfect example," Duforat said.