Last December fifteen students did a virtual tryout for the "Region 6 JH All-Region Band" and the "ATSSB Region 6 HS All-Region Band".  Two hundred fifty students from all around Texas competed having to learn two different songs and eight scales for this competition.  They will be going to a rehearsal on April 30th in Greenwood and will be performing a concert in Greenwood again on May 1st. It's a public event so go and cheer these guys on. 

Congratulations to these talented students 

Jr. High:

Kimberly Coursey, Honor Band-10th Chair, Flute

Brylon Frerich, Honor Band-3rd Chair, French Horn

Chance Leonardi, Honor Band-15th chair, Trumpet

Jacauri Lofton, Honor Band-18th Chair, Trumpet

Patty Yabes, Symphonic Band-5th Chair, Flute

Kaleb Walker, Symphonic Band-8th Chair, Saxophone

MJ Preciado, Symphonic Band-5th Chair, Trumpet

Kaylie Rosenbaum, Symphonic Band-14th Chair, Trumpet

Chrisitan Cedillo, Symphonic Band-18th Chair, Trumpet

Drake Gilbert, Symphonic Band-2nd Chair, Trombone

Alicia Fowler, Symphonic Band-10th Chair, Trombone

Jaxson Mayes, Symphonic Band-12th Chair, Trombone

James Pasqual, Symphonic Band-6th Chair, Percussion

High School:

Oscar Lin, Concert Band-1st Chair, Clarinet

Hunter Cevallos, Concert Band-9th Chair, Trumpet