Emily Allen

Emily Allen, a senior at Forsan High School, has taken on the role of creating a school newspaper. She has taken on all of the responsibilities for the paper such as the writer, creator, editor and publisher. She created this paper because she wanted people to know what was going on in Forsan and also be able to keep up with their fellow classmates. 

“By putting out news weekly, students are able to get new news and be able to be seen and have their voice heard,” stated Emily. 

She wants to help people voice their opinions about certain topics and events that are happening. She also wants to be able to put a feel good, happy story out there to possibly put a smile on someone's face. 

Emily has gone to Forsan since kindergarten and has actively participated in sporting and UIL activities throughout junior high and high school. She has participated in volleyball, powerlifting and track, along with being part of the band and UIL poetry. During marching band season, she was a color guard captain. She has participated in color guard since her freshman year. She is a friendly and outgoing person who enjoys making people laugh. She is kind and thoughtful of those around her, which is why she wants to help people get their voices heard and be seen with this paper.

Emily is putting out something that she is proud and happy to have out there. This newspaper will be a good way to help others be aware of what's going on in their school and around them.